I grew up in Benton Harbor, Mi, a small town on the coast of Lake Michigan, playing in the dunes with cousins and camping with family all over the continental United States.  One summer vacation that shaped me was a camping trip to the Grand Tetons National Park when I was five years old. Later, when I was nineteen I headed back out West with a college friend and landed on the Western Slope of Colorado where I lived for most of the next decade, exploring the San Juan Mountains, the Colorado River drainage, and the expansive wilderness areas around the Four Corners.  I hiked and backpacked, but white water rafting was my sport of choice at that time.  I rowed a 16 foot raft down the Grand Canyon in 2003 and went on countless white water adventures on many other sections of the Colorado River, the Gunnison River, and the San Juan River.  After having two daughters, I moved to the Sacramento area in 2014. I gravitated towards the trails to find peace and get outdoors.  Before I knew it, I had become an ultra runner and had found many friends and a wonderful support system in the running community. The trails in Auburn and the Tahoe area are my main training ground, offering endless places to explore.