SingleTrackRunning Maria

Desolation in the Spring

Storms in the Uncompahgre

The Golden Delicious Tree

Bouquet of Flowers

Pulse Check

The Snail


Sun Salutations

In Flow

Cardiac Invasion


Love Springs in Yosemite

A Haibun: Belonging + Haiku

Sestina: A Child Dreams

Gratitude Rock

Ars Poetica

Final Days of Summer

Running Solo

Winter Rains

Your Joy

Outrunning My Boogeyman

Catching My Stride

Mischief of the Mind

Get Dirty with You

Morning Gratitude

Be Authentically You

Girl, Remember

We Run Together

The Storm Is Over

In Pursuit of Dreams

Strange Collusion

Mister Blue Eyes

Hawk Encounter

Cowgirl with the Magic Horse

One More Taste

Meditations of Hawk-Woman

Runner’s Legs

Mountain Goat

Running in the Rain

The River, My Old Friend

Fire Within

What Is A Star?

I Began to Fly

I Learn to Fly

Bird by Bird

An Auspicious Meeting

Like A Flowing River

When A Lover Is No Longer A Lover

Birdseye View

Loon On A Lake

Runaway Girl

Ode to Dirt Roads

The Narcissist