Maria Steinhauser’s Ars Poetica

 Beyond the reaches of conventional language:
The late-night discussions between friends
sipping generous portions of wine
That tints their teeth purple
While sitting around a campfire
Seeking answers to questions
Which will slip away along with the boozy high.
The murmurings of lovers
Relishing the comfort of each other’s skin
After their caressing hands have finished their coquetting,
Delivered by a warm breath is the promise of devotion.
The late-night essays written by frenzied writers
While drinking too much coffee
A percussion of keys tapping like hail colliding onto a tin roof.
The glossy paperbacks read by vacationers
Sunbathing on colorful towels on the beach
They rarely experience the same satisfaction of closure
Which the final pages in their book will provide.
Beyond reason or sense or explanation or control
Is the nebulous realm of the human experience
Too messy. Too beautiful. Too tragic to be expressed
Within the confines of proper grammar or complete sentences.
Somewhere between music and the lines of words on a page
Is poetry. Rebellious. Untamed. Soul-stirring.