Hawk Encounter

A hawk flew down inches above my head and flew ahead at eye level, its talons dangling flamboyantly. The hawk, a messenger, joined two worlds, dovetailing the physical world with the spirit world. This spirit guide flaunted its talons as if to say, “Do not indulge your fears. Do as I do. Live with courage and precision. Be a hawk.”

The hawk chooses a mate for life. It hunts in groups, flanked by companions of equal adroitness. She sits in wait with sharp, focused eyes scanning movements below.  Without any warning, in silence and mercilessly, she swoops down on her prey.  That snake in the grass, that pesky varmint, that scurrying rodent—they never stood a chance.  She swoops down with precision and rips off the head of her prey and enjoys her meal.  “Be a hawk,” my spirit animal seemed to be telling me.

This messenger challenged me to relinquish my old illusions, illuminating a higher perspective. “Is your companion also a hawk? Does he seek an enduring bond, to always fly by your side? Does he help you in your hunt and feed your soul? Hold out until you find your hawk.”