Meditations of Hawk-Woman

Hawk-woman had the head of a hawk and the body of a woman. “Reveal my life’s purpose!  I have neither the power of a hawk nor of a woman,” she cried to Mother Earth. “I cannot find where I fit in–where I belong–and I yearn to find my mate.”

“My daughter, climb the highest mountain and run down.  You shall see that you have the power of both the hawk and of Woman.  Follow your dreams and be generous with your love. You will make friends where ever you roam.  Your purpose will reveal itself to you, my love.  You have the instincts of the hawk and you will know just when to act. As for your mate, you will have plenty of time for the joy and pain that love will inflict on you during your journey.”

“Sssssssshhhhhhh,” the wind quaked through the aspen leaves.  “Set your worries aside. Look for the light that is within you,” the wind advised.

“Sing through the pine trees, let your call ring across the canyons,” the river gurgled.

“Climb the Great Mountain with the blue skies as your companion.  From there you will see every valley and stream, all the flowers and seas.  You will have your birds eye view from the summit of the mountain.  Draw wisdom from that vantage point.  Stay at the top of the mountain, observing carefully just as the hawk observes movements below.  Wait until the sun begins to set and there are equal parts lightness and darkness.  This is the golden hour.  Begin your descent down the mountain as the fire from the belly of the Earth begins to light up the sky with a deep red and orange glow. With your arms outstretched, feel the mist of the wind wisp between your fingers.  Allow your feet to teach you how to fly.  Do not fight the insistent tug of gravity.  Let it pull you to where your destiny awaits you.”

Hawk-Woman did as she was told. She felt more courageous as she picked up speed. It began to get dark as the final rays of light moved behind the horizon.  “Be still beneath the stars.  Allow the shadows of your own soul to join the profound darkness of the sky,” howled the coyotes.

A dragonfly buzzed softly into Hawk-Woman’s ear, sending shivers up her spine and causing the feathers on her head to puff out, “Do not be ashamed of the darker reaches of your soul,” the dragonfly hummed. “Don’t forget that it is the all-powerful sun that casts the shadow that walks beside you.”