The River, My Old Friend

Finding your way to the river
Is like finding your way home
You were fated to return
The ebb and flow of water continued
While you were away
Moving rocks and sand
Grinding away at rock walls
But little changed nonetheless

Sometimes it seems that friendships are lost
You lament this loss
And cry bitter tears
But true friends
Never leave you forever
While life continues for you both
Aging you
Teaching you many lessons of love and loss
You can always come home to one another
And find that little has changed

For a time
I thought that I had lost myself
The me who I loved
The woman with the sense of adventure
The easy smile and eager laugh
She had become fearful and reticent
Then one day when I lost everything
I realized the real me was all I had left

Just as I feel
Returning to the river—my familiar old friend—
I found that little had changed
I was there all along